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All what you need to know about our lottery

Welcome To PalermoPools

This Online Lottery gives you the opportunity of playing your favorite lottery in the world without moving from your computer.

Great Prizes to Give

We provide you access to the highest jackpots around the globe, through a network of local agents distributed worldwide to personally buy on your behalf your official lottery ticket at the local lottery booth according to your lucky number's personal selection.

Online Transactions Made Easy

This Online Lottery complements your tickets purchase with a tailored service that informs you the results of the lottery you had played, as soon as they are officially announced.

On-time Notifications

In a happy event of having one of our players as the fortunate owner of a winning ticket. This Online Lottery will inform the winner with a personal mail and transfer his award to his personal account.

Claim Prizes Fast

In case of a jackpot prize, we will send the lucky winner the official ticket and guide him personally and locally to claim the first place.

The Ultimate Online Lottery

This is the best online lottery here in Palermo. Experience another way of winning money in a short amount of time. Contact us for more information at [email protected]

  • Online Support for 24 hours.
  • Safe and Secured Transactions
  • 100% tax free.